Unpacking your Christmas decor and setting it up is like sprinkling magic all over your home. It transforms your space into a festive wonderland, sparking memories filled with joy and laughter that linger for years. So, it’s crucial that you are storing your Christmas decorations in a way that makes next year’s holiday prep a piece of (fruit)cake! *I won’t apologize for that one 🙂

I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorites – the best Christmas storage ideas and products that I rely on year after year to keep my Christmas decor safe and sorted. I’ll be including links to each of these items so you can bring the same level of ease and organization to your own holiday setup. As I find new and/or better solutions I will add to and update this list.

Just a quick note before we jump into all the Christmas storage goodies: some of the links in my posts are affiliate links. This means if you click through and decide to purchase something I’ve recommended, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a simple way to support the blog if you find something you like, and it helps me keep sharing all the festive tips with you.

Must-Have Products to Organize and Store Your Christmas Decor

The following are my top product recommendations for organizing and storing your Christmas Decorations. Each of these items has been a game-changer in helping me keep my Christmas Decor (which includes treasured vintage decor) safe and organized and extending the life of my Christmas decor. I’ll give you the lowdown on why I love each product, complete with handy links for each.

Christmas Tree Storage

Storing your Artificial Christmas Tree correctly can save you hours of work during setup. When you set up your Artificial tree you should be shaping and fluffing your branches. When it comes time to store your tree, putting it in a storage container that helps protect the branch’s shape will save you time next year. Tree bags don’t do a good job at this, this is why I like to use storage bins instead. The following bins will help to protect the branch’s shape and put less wear and tear on the tree which extends its life.

1. Counter Top Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bin

For small countertop trees that are 30 inches or less, I like to use a plastic wrapping paper storage container. You fold up the branches and slide the tree in. If you can get this in person (Target or Container Store) you will save some money on shipping. But this is a good option from Amazon if you are not able to get in person.

Rubbermaid Wrap N’ Craft, Plastic Storage Container

2. Artificial Christmas Trees Storage Bin

I store all my Artificial Christmas trees in bins, it’s the best Christmas tree storage option. Christmas storage bags for trees do not offer good protection for your tree, so opt for bins over bags. I like bins that are at least 36 inches long and use 2 bins for the bigger trees. You can stack them to store and it keeps the branches well protected. This option has wheels making it easier to move around.

Sterilite 45gal Latching Storage Tote

Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas ornaments are cherished memories from Christmases past. Safeguarding these precious mementos as you pack them away is essential, ensuring they continue to bring nostalgia for many years to come. The best storage for Christmas ornaments is one that keeps your ornaments protected and organized. Here are the products I use to keep these little gems safe.

3. Three inch Christmas Ornament Storage Box

I like to separate my glass balls from the rest of the ornaments, as I have a number of vintage balls. This 3-inch ornament storage box is a great solution and holds 60 balls.

612 Vermont Christmas 3-inch Ornament Storage Box – Holds 60

4. Four inch Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Not everyone has a tree full of 3-inch balls. I certainly don’t. If you have larger glass balls or other uniquely shaped ornaments, you will want to look for an ornament box that can handle larger ornaments and is adjustable. I like this option because they have 4-inch storage cubbies AND it is adjustable. So if you have a long ornament that needs more space you can adjust for it.

612 Vermont Christmas 4-inch Ornament Storage Box – Holds 36

Christmas Light Storage and Garland Storage

Christmas tree lights and garlands take your Christmas tree to the next level of amazing. Storing your Christmas lights and garland in an organized fashion keeps them from getting tangled and helps shave minutes maybe hours off your setup the next Christmas. It also helps keep your lights and garland in great condition for years to come.

5. Christmas Light and Garland Organizer

These bins with hanging slats are the best way to store Christmas Lights and garlands. Your lights won’t get tangled and you will find you have fewer broken lights. I use them to store my garland and lights along with the tree topper. I have provided a link to a set of 4 but if you need just one you can find these at stores like Target during the holiday season.

Sterilite Christmas Light and Garland Organizer

Collectable Figurines Storage

If you have collectible Christmas figurines like Byers Choice, Annalee Mobility, or vintage Napco (just to name a few) you know the challenges of storing them safely year after year so they stay in great condition and maintain their value. The right storage container makes this easy.

6. Divided Storage Container for Figurines

I have found storing my collectible figurines in a wine bottle storage box is a great solution. It keeps them upright, dust-free, and safe from being squashed in a bin with other decor.

Tall Wine and Bottle Storage Chest

Christmas Village Figures and Accessories Storage

If you have a Christmas Village then you most likely know the struggles of trying to pack those figures back up in the plastic packaging most come in without breaking them. I have an Ebenezer Scrooge missing the bottom half of is cane for this very reason. After breaking a few I found a better way.

7. Divided Storage Box for Christmas Village Figures & Accessories

You have seen this product before in this post for storing ornaments, but it is also a great option for storing your Christmas village figures and accessories. Easy to pack and unpack and keeps your village pieces safe and dust-free.

612 Vermont Christmas 3-inch Ornament Storage Box

Christmas Decor Storage and Organization

Storing Christmas decorations with care and intention can save you heaps of time when the next holiday season rolls around. These products will help you do that. For some tips on how to put away your Christmas decor for a hassle-free setup next year using these products, CHECK OUT THIS POST.

8. Christmas Decor Storage Tote

Festive color storage bins for Christmas? Yes please! Really, any storage totes will work, but these are the bins I use. You can get them in clear, red, and green at Target during the Holiday season. You can also get them in other colors throughout the year. I like the Christmas colors because it makes it very easy to identify which bins are the Christmas bins. They are stackable and sturdy and hold up year after year.

20gal Latching Storage Tote

9. Chalkboard Labels

Labeling your bins allows you to keep track of what Christmas decorations you packed in which bin without having to open and dig through each bin. It also allows you to see all the bins that belong to a certain room so you can grab everything you need to decorate a room. Regular Labels seem to fall off but these chalkboard labels do a great job sticking on year after year.

Chalkboard Labels Stickers

10. Chalk Pens

The bright white color against the black chalkboard label is easy to read, even in the dim light of an attic space. These chalk markers don’t wipe off to the touch but can be washed off with water if you need to make an update to the information on your label.

Crafty Croc White Liquid Chalk Markers

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