Enjoy winter wonderland decor ideas with our Peaceful Winter Decor Shopping Guide and Inspiration Sheet.

A Neutral and Calming Winter Decor Theme

Quite falls over the snow-blanketed forest. It’s calm, peaceful, and still. Snow white, ice blue, and evergreen paired with warm woods and cool metals. Pinecones, snowflakes, and alpine forest animals build a natural and calming winter vibe. Finish the space off with the fresh scent of pine and the warm smell of wood, and you have the perfect peaceful winter space.

Winter Decor Shopping Guide

A collection of shoppable items to create a winter decor theme in your space.
ROW 1: Pine Branch Art, Pine Tree Art, Snow Flake Table Runner, Pine Cone Filler, BurlapTrees set of 3
ROW 2: Snowflake Duvet, Wooden Deer & Trees, Nordic Night Candle, Evergreen Pillow Cover, Peace Pillow Cover Snowflake Pillow Cover, Metal Bowl
ROW 3: Evergreen Shower Curtain, Artificial Christmas Tree, Metal Snowflakes, Glitter Reindeer, Evergreen Throw Blanket, Winter Deer Art

Shop the Theme

Winter Decor is a great alternative or additive to your Christmas decor. It can take you from black Friday into the next year. Use the winter wonderland decor ideas from our Winter Decor Shopping Guide above. Shop the space by clicking the links in the captions above. Items highlighted from my Etsy shop, other great Etsy shops, Hobby Lobby, and Wayfair.

Print-and-Go Inspiration Sheet

Below is the inspiration sheet for the Winter Decor theme. It sets the visual and emotional vibe for the space, suggests a color palette, and provides examples of items that would look great in that space.

Print out and take the Peaceful Winter Decor Inspiration Sheet with you when you shop to help keep you inspired and focused. Click the image below to print.

A Printable Winter Home Decor Inspiration Sheet. It includes visual inspiration, a color pallet and shoppable items.

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