Have you ever wondered how many lights you need for your 6-foot Christmas tree or a Slim Christmas Tree? The quest for that enchanting, twinkling glow that fills our homes with festive warmth can sometimes feel like a perplexing puzzle. That’s where the ultimate Christmas Tree Lights Calculator comes in. I firmly believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to tree lighting, which is why this calculator takes your tree’s thickness into account. Whether your tree is full or slim, this tool provides the number of lights per foot, guaranteeing that your tree will dazzle with unmatched brilliance and beauty.

Christmas Tree Lights Calculator

How to Determine the Width Type of Your Christmas Tree

To Calculate Your Width Type

  1. Determine your tree height in inches
  2. Determine the width of your tree in inches
  3. Calculate your Height-to-Width Ratio

Tree Height/Tree Width = Height-to-Width Ratio

Example for a 7.5-foot Tree

7.5 x 12 = 90 inches tall –> Tree Height

60 Inches –> Tree Width

Height-to-Width Ratio= 90/60 = 1.5

Width Type is FULL

TIP: After you do your calculation, Choose the Width Type that is closest to the ratios shared in the image above.

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