Hello, fellow Christmas village enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you 11 products that have been absolute game-changers in setting up my Christmas village.

I’ve gathered a list of my personal favorites – tools and accessories that I use every year and have made my village setup not just easier, but truly enchanting. I’ll be including links to each of these items, so you can bring the same ease and magic to your village display. Whether you’re a seasoned village collector or just starting out, these are the must-haves that will elevate your Christmas Village to a whole new level!

Just a quick note before we jump into all the Christmas Village goodies: some of the links in my posts are affiliate links. This means if you click through and decide to purchase something I’ve recommended, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a simple way to support the blog if you find something you like, and it helps me keep sharing all the festive joy with you.

Essential Products for Assembling Your Christmas Village

The following are my top 11 product recommendations for any Christmas village lover! Each of these items has been a game-changer in my village setups. I’ll give you the lowdown on why I love each product and how it can enhance your Christmas village experience, complete with handy links for each.

Tools for Assembling Your Christmas Village

Let’s start at the very beginning – assembling your Christmas village. It’s all about precision and care, and for that, you need the right tools. In this section, I’ll introduce you to the basic, yet indispensable tools that have made my village-building sessions a breeze.

1. Folding Tables

Folding tables make for a great platform to display your Christmas Village but they are also easy to store. You can set them up in so many formations: line them up along a wall, set them up in an L or U shape, or you can put them up next to each other to make one large platform. Then, when you take down your village, you can also take down, fold up, and store your tables. This is the table I use. I use a few of them behind and on the side of a couch like a sofa table. The legs are also adjustable so you can change the height.

Office Star Resin Multipurpose Rectangle Table

2. Fitted Stretch Table Cover

Though convenient, folding tables are not the most visually appealing option to display your Christmas Village. But I have the perfect solution to help the tables fade into the background and let your Village take center stage! These table covers are the perfect solution to creating a great canvas for you to put your village on. I like to use the black color because at night the tables just seem to disappear.

SUPERO Waterproof Spandex Table Cover

3. Chopsticks

Ok. Hear me out on this. I love using snow fluff in my village display but placing the fluff in between buildings or around trees and landscapes WITHOUT knocking things over in my village is impossible. Or at least it WAS impossible before I started using chopsticks to place the snow fluff. Chopsticks = precision snow fluff placement. But it can’t just be any chopsticks. There is a certain brand that I found works best because of the “bounce back” it has and the ridges on the end. These kid beginner chopsticks are a game changer when it comes to adding snow fluff to your village. There are different animals but I am partial to the dolphin.

Fred Munchtime Chopsticks

4. Soft Bristle Brush

A soft bristle brush is so helpful to dust off your buildings and move loose show around. I discovered the benefits of using these after the time I tried to move the loose snow in my village around by BLOWING ON IT. I know, I KNOW! What was I thinking? I sat and thought, “How the heck can I move the snow around in my village delicately and precisely?” when I thought about the pastry brush in the kitchen. That was it. No turning back. I now use pastry brushes to dust off my village pieces each year and to move snow around in the village exactly where I want it.

Redecker Pastry Brushes

5. Tacky Wax

This wax is an absolute must if you don’t want to spend hours of irritation picking up village accessories and people who fall over at the slightest bump of the table. Ok. Maybe not hours but it is time-consuming and annoying. Just gloop a little of this on the bottom of the accessory or figure, stick it down and it will stay put. It cleans off easily with a warm rag. I have used it on people, animals, stop signs, light poles, trees…you name it. If it needs to stay put, this is your product.

Department 56 Tacky Wax

Lighting Solutions to Bring Your Village to Life

Lighting is the soul of any Christmas village, creating that warm, festive glow we all love. These are my must-haves when I am setting up the lighting to keep things safe and organized.

6. Surge Protector

You will need a power strip to get all your buildings and lights plugged in. I love this one from Amazon Basics because it has space to deal with larger plugs. Many of the village buildings or accessories have large plug heads and it makes it impossible to plug these in side by side on the normal spaced power strips. It also makes it so easy to turn off the village lights all at once with the on/off power switch on the side.

Amazon Basics 12 Outlet Power Strip

7. Multi Bulb strings

If you have more than 10 buildings, you could really benefit from a light cord. These cords allow you to light up 6 buildings on one plug. It makes organizing cords in your village super manageable. An issue that becomes more and more of a problem the more buildings you add.

Lemax Village Collection 6 Light Cord

8. LED Light Bulbs

Lighting your village can be expensive, especially if you keep the lights on 24/7. These LED bulbs are a money saver and you will never know the difference. I love a natural to warm glow in my village buildings and these bulbs achieve just that. They have a good brightness but don’t put off the heat that the incandescent bulbs give off, and honestly, you will not be able to tell the difference.

C7 LED Bulbs

Honorable Mention Lighting: Lemax 3-Output Power Adapter

I have included the Lemax power adapter as an Honorable Mention because it really is only useful for people who use Lemax Village Sights and Sounds buildings. I do, and I absolutely love them, so this 3 output power adaptor is so clutch for me and my village. You run out of plug space really quickly if you have to plug one of these in for each Lemax Sights and Sounds building.

Lemax 3-Output Power Adapter

Snow! So Much More than a Village Accessory

I know at first it may not seem like snow is a must-have product when setting up your Christmas village but the 3 different types of snow options below go a long way to hiding platforms, cords, and gaps between the buildings and base. Snow takes your display from buildings simply being displayed on a table to a truly magical village world you can get lost in.

9. Snow Blanket

A snow blank goes down before you place your village buildings but after you have all your risers in place. Unless you use landscape platforms, you will want to use risers (books, styrofoam, wood…) to give height to parts of your village. A snow blanket laid over all your risers allows you to create a blank canvas, a snow-covered landscape for your village to rise from. Even if your village is all on one level, a snow blanket gives you a blank canvas to start from, taking away anything that could distract you from the village magic you are building. Really, any polyester batting will do, but this is the brand I use.

They have another Snow Blanket, Snow-Tex Sparkling Christmas Roll, that is also very nice but it has little specks of glitter on it. I prefer a plain “blank canvas” but if you like the glitter – this is also a great selection.

Buffalo Snow Holiday Cover

10. Snow Fluff

Snow Fluff not only helps your Christmas Village have a white Christmas, but it is also ESSENTIAL in hiding cords, filling gaps between the platform and buildings/ landscape, and helping accessories blend in with the snowy base. This is the brand I use.

Original Buffalo Snow

11. Loose Snow

Much like the snow fluff, the loose snow is great for filling gaps between the platform and buildings/ landscape, and helping accessories blend in with the snowy base. For years I’ve used the Buffalo Snow Extra Fine Snow Flurries and will continue to use it, its affordable and gets the job done. However, recently I tried Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow and absolutely love it. It has a good weight to it so it stays put but still looks light and airy and it has a great glisten to it. It is a bit pricier than the Buffalo Snow Extra Fine Snow Flurries but it is great quality.

Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow

Honorable Mention Snow: Snow Starter Kit

If you are looking for a snow starter kit, Buffalo Snow has a great one. It doesn’t include the Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow, of course, but it does include the Buffalo Extra Fine Snow Flurries which is a great option. It includes both types of Snow Blankets, glitter and plain, so you can try them both out and see what you like. The kit includes a bag of iridescent flakes, I don’t use these as a setup tool but I do add them as a nice finishing sparkle to the village. The kit also includes a bag of snow fluff so you can give it a try.

Buffalo Snow Village Snow Kit

Christmas Village Set Up

You’ve got the tools, now it’s time for the fun part, setting up your Christmas Village!!

Check out this blog post for a step-by-step guide on How to Set Up A Christmas Village in 5 Simple Steps

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